Supply Unit of Alia Golestan Food Industries Co.

The supply team at Alia Golestan, consisting of both experienced and young individuals have gathered a group of suppliers both internal and foreign in order to have perpetual access to raw materials and products with the highest standards and fairest prices.

All our trading staff, fluent in English and German language of course, have succeeded to comply with international business ethics and policies, with the aim to be able to trade with companies from all over the world.

Technical knowledge of the supply team has also caused a great comprehension towards all production lines and cycles in AG’s main and subsidiary facilities, leading into prompt solutions for all potential production issues.

Having access to the most recent technology, academic, and economic resources, have helped our traders to always be up to date in the fields of machineries used for production in the food industry.

Supply Dept

New Supplier Raw Form:

In case you are a supplier and interested to work with us, you may contact our team at

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