Alia Golestan Food Industries Co.

Alia Golestan Food Industries Co.


Alia Golestan Food Industries, initially known as Panbeh Gorgan Company, was established in 1950 with the aim of crushing, refining and supplying of vegetable oils, as well as cotton ginning, supplying the local area of the factory In Kordkuy, Golestan Province.



Honesty, respect and customers satisfaction is our most priority values.

Mission Statement

Alia Golestan Food Industries, by the use of most updated technologies from all around the world, as well as most educated and experienced staff; is aiming at producing top level products with the best qualities, licensed by all international standards. Our market targets are the Iranian local markets, Middle Eastern countries markets including Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, as well as East Asia markets. 


Optimal use of production capacities and taking over the domestic market with respect to the satisfaction of customers and users of AG products.

Products of Alia Golestan Food Industries Co.

Alia Golestan products are found all over Iran through many well-known chain stores. We also have various representatives covering almost all of Iran’s provinces.

You may find our distributors all around Iran by checking the map below, simply press on your requested province and find out their contact.

Thanks to the outstanding reputation of Alia Golestan in Iran’s food industry, many of Iranian and foreign companies have trusted AG with co-packing of their products; at different phases of production.

We are proud to have gathered a professional team of experts in the fields of packaging, raw material supply, distribution, logistics and food design.

In case you are interested in working with Alia Golestan in any of the fields mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our company is proud to be active in the field of export, meaning that all our products are qualified and complied with International market standards. Our products are being exported under different brand names to other countries such as Iraq, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan.

In case you are interested in cooperation in the field of export, do not hesitate to contact us.

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