Alia Golestan factory

Residing in the heart of Kordkuy City, in a land over 4 acres, Alia Golestan factory has been one of the most influential industrial units in the state of Golestan since its very beginning.

Our factory, consisting of vegetable oil refinery lines, blow molding and packaging lines, sauce production lines, technical departments and quality control, human resources, as well as a research and development department have succeeded to comply with the international standards of a completely independent and systematic food production unit.

Alia Golestan factory

There are four different production sections in AG factory, each supervised by experienced staff specialized in related fields of their section.

Vegetable Oil Refinery

Our factory, consisting of two complete separate oil refinery lines, both from Europe, is refining up to 90,000 tons of vegetable oil per year. Whether transferred to packaging sections, or logistics section (for bulk sales purposes), all products are of course inspected through our QC (Quality Control) department.

Vegetable Oil Packaging

In this section, our various types and sizes of packaging solutions are filled with fresh refined vegetable oil produced in AG, whether pure or blended, depending on sales department’s orders.

Plastic Packaging Section

Up to 3,000 tons of high quality raw plastic material are annually being purchased from Iranian petrochemical manufactures and being processed into various types of hygienic packaging solutions for sauces and vegetable oil.

Sauce Production Section

12,000 tons of various types of sauce are produced in different kinds of packaging in our factory.

Research and Development Unit of Alia Golestan Factory

In this department, experienced and educated local individuals are gathered to collect the most recent sciences and technologies in the field of food production from all around the world, in order to make AG company abide with the highest and the most modern standards.

Logistic Department Unit of Alia Golestan Factory

By owning many standard private cargoes, and having contracts with the best shipping companies, shipping and delivering fresh products is managed in the fastest way possible to our most respected customers from all around the vast land of Iran, as well as, our export destinations in CIS and middle east.

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